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Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a silent and painless disease that sneaks up on you. In fact, almost half of the American adults of the age of 30 have had some level of gum disease. If left unattended it can progress from an early stage called gingivitis to early periodontitis to advanced periodontitis. Gingivitis is easily reversed with some proper attention. The two stages of periodontitis can leave permanent damage.

If you find yourself with one or more of the following symptoms you will want to schedule an appointment in the very near future for a deep teeth cleaning, scaling and possible root planing.

  • Red, swollen or tender gums, or another pain in your mouth.
  • Persistent bad breath.
  • Your gums bleed while you brush your teeth, you floss or even eat hard food.
  • Sores in your mouth.
  • Sensitive teeth.
  • Loose teeth or teeth that seem to be separating.
  • Gums that look like they are pulling away or receding from teeth causing pockets.

If you believe you have one of these symptoms and think you might have gum disease give Dr. Dolgov a call at 815-939-2520.

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The Deep Cleaning and Root Planing Procedure

Gum disease is caused by the buildup of plaque left on your teeth. This happens by not brushing as advised. The plaque is a sticky substance that is always there, day in and day out. By brushing regularly you are keeping it in control. When left to stick to the enamel the bacteria in the plaque immediately attacks the enamel of the tooth. When left on the tooth long enough it will reach the gums and immediately infect this soft tissue. The deep cleaning procedure is removing that plaque that touches the gums to stop the source of the infection.

When we clean your teeth, we often use either a hand-held scaling tool to scrape the plaque from the surface of the tooth. We can also you a vibrating ultrasonic cleaner if you prefer this method. With deep cleaning we take this same process below the gumline. If necessary, we can administer a local anesthetic to numb the gums while we use the scaling tool. If the disease is advanced and the plaque has made it down the roots of the teeth, we will have to continue the process of planing the root surface. This both removes the plaque and built-up calculus but creates a smooth surface making it difficult for any new plaque to adhere to this part of the tooth.

Once the source of the infection is removed, we will prescribe an oral antibiotic and you will see the health of your gums return in just days.

The Benefits of Deep Teeth Scaling and Root Planing

By having this procedure done you have become proactive and can hopefully enjoy these benefits moving forward.

  • Eliminating, preventing or improving halitosis, or bad breath.
  • You have stopped the advancement of cavities.
  • The gum disease has been mitigated or reversed. Your gums are healthy again.
  • By eliminating gum disease you actually have reduced the risk of a heart attack or stroke which has been proven to be associated with periodontitis.
  • You also have reduced the risk of diabetes which has been associated with gum disease as well.

Proper Oral Hygiene at Home can avoid Deep Teeth Cleaning

These periodontal procedures can be totally avoided in the future with good habits at home. The dental industry strongly suggests that we all brush our teeth twice a day, for two minutes at each time. Then flossing at least once a day is the basis for at-home good oral hygiene practice. This will remove the bacteria carrying plaque daily not allowing it to form on the teeth. The plaque is the culprit behind cavities and gum disease. Prevention is the key in the dental business.

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The Various Costs that may come from your Deep Cleaning or Root Planing and your Insurance Coverage

The costs that will be associated with your deep cleaning, scaling or root planing will be discussed at the time of your evaluation and consultation. Once we see how advanced the gum disease is, we can make some better judgments of the time involved. The administrative staff at Bourbonnias Family Dental will inquire with your dental insurance carrier to determine the amount of coverage for each procedure. If there will be a balance due a payment plan can and will be discussed if that is your wish. We also accept all major credit cards. We may also revisit our options if the budget is a driving factor in carrying out your deep cleaning.

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Scheduling an Evaluation today

If you think you have any of the symptoms listed above, please make the phone call today to schedule your evaluation and consultation. We can mitigate the advancement of the gum disease and put your smile back into a healthy category. If you are unhappy with your smile lets address the possibility of developing a smile design together to get your old smile back and your quality of life that comes with it. We can restore functionality, improve the aesthetics of your smile and bring back your self-confidence. Call 815-939-2520 now or visit our office at 498 Brown Blvd., Bourbonnias, IL 60914. The staff at Bourbonnias Family Dental all are terrific listeners and love to please our patients. You’ll be comfortable in our engaging environment. We are all dedicated to ensuring that you totally understand the necessity of the procedure and that you will be confident that you will be receiving high quality specialized dental care to meet your individual needs. It is gratifying to see your smile healthy again.

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