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The dental bonding procedure is a popular treatment option if you wish to make a cosmetic improvement in your smile. Your smile is dramatically undervalued. It proves as the foundation of your personality by contributing to your self-esteem and your self-confidence. A smile that you are not happy with affects your interaction in your personal circles as well as professional exchanges. Dental bonding is an economical procedure to correct the gap between two front teeth, or to address a cracked or chipped tooth. It can also cover stained or discolored teeth. It has been used to make the teeth look longer if that is the goal and it can even change the shape of a tooth. Finally, it is used often when a root is exposed. When the gumline recedes, sometimes due to aggressive brushing, the bonding can fill that gap and protect the root. Reasonably painless dental bonding can be accomplished in one visit and is an instant improvement in the aesthetic appearance of your smile. Research has now proven that a healthy smile, one is which you are comfortable with, can actually add seven years on to your life. It can also improve your immune system as well.

If you are questioning your smile feel free to give us a call at Bourbonnias Family Dental. We can evaluate your teeth and your smile and walk through whether dental bonding will achieve your cosmetic objectives. Call 815-939-2520 now or visit our office at 498 Brown Blvd., Bourbonnias, IL 60914 and give us a chance to offer you first class dental healthcare.

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The Dental Bonding Process

After your evaluation and discussion, Dr. Dolgov and yourself will then collectively agree to move forward. There is very little advance prep work. Anesthesia is not necessary and seldom used. The surface of the tooth or teeth in question will be roughed up and a conditioning liquid applied. This is necessary for better bonding of the material. Then the putty-like composite resin is put on the surface. This material can be shaped, sculpted, molded and smoothed to cover cracks, chips and close gaps. Once the work is completed and meets with your approval the resin will be hardened and cured with an ultraviolet light. The final surface will be polished and just like that you have a new tooth or teeth. Gone are the imperfections that were so evident when you smiled. Your smile is back to normal and looks perfectly normal. Usually this process is completed inside of an hour. Unlike veneers or crowns this procedure is all done in our office. Nothing needs to be ordered from a dental lab.

The Benefits of having Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is not only a quick solution to a cosmetic issue, but it is also very economical. This solution is less expensive than veneers or crowns. You have also left your tooth or teeth in their natural state. The enamel was not removed to accommodate a veneer or a crown. After you follow the instructions to eat just soft foods and not enjoy any staining liquids for 48 hours the resin and bonding can have a life expectancy of around 10 years. Even at any point you find a sharp edge the bonding material can easily be touched up or replaced. It is not as hard as your natural teeth so you will want to consider not biting on hard candy, ice cubes or even chewing on your fingernails, a pen or a pencil. The composite resin used will also stain so you will want to maintain healthy oral hygiene habits at home as well as consider scheduling teeth whitening with us.

The Costs Involved and Insurance Coverage

The costs that will be associated with your dental bonding procedure will be discussed at the time of your evaluation and consultation. The administrative staff at Bourbonnias Family Dental will inquire with your dental insurance carrier to determine the amount of coverage for the procedure. If there will be a balance due a payment plan can and will be discussed if that is your wish. We also accept all major credit cards. We may also revisit our options if the budget is a driving factor in carrying out our plan.

Suggested Good Habits after having Dental Bonding

This is a conversation we will have with you sooner versus later. We will share with you that the dental industry strongly suggests that we all brush our teeth twice a day, for two minutes at each time. Then flossing at least once a day is the basis for a good oral hygiene practice at home. This will remove the bacteria carrying plaque daily not allowing it to form on the teeth. The plaque is the culprit behind cavities and gum disease. If you like our service and want us on your dental health team we will also encourage you to establish appointments every six months for evaluations, x-rays and professional teeth cleaning. Prevention is the ticket in the dental business. We like to see patients with healthy teeth and gums. We are also advocates of helping you keep your natural teeth for your lifetime. By working together, we can extend the life of your dental bonding and keep them natural looking for years. Remember, your smile is priceless.

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Scheduling an Evaluation today

Making that phone call today to schedule your evaluation and consultation is the next step. If you are unhappy with your smile lets address the cosmetic plan together to get your old smile back and your quality of life that comes with it. Call 815-939-2520 now or visit our office at 498 Brown Blvd., Bourbonnias, IL 60914. The staff at Bourbonnias Family Dental all are terrific listeners and love to please our patients. You’ll be comfortable in our engaging environment. We are all dedicated to ensuring that you totally understand our plan that we have formulated together and that you will be confident that your dental bonding procedure will be of the highest quality specialized care to meet your expectations. Our gratification is seeing your smile transform.

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