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The crown of any tooth is the entire part that is visible above the gum line. We always strive to do everything we can to keep natural teeth, but sometimes a tooth sustains some damage and it needs additional protection. A dental crown is that solution. Like a cap or glove, it will sit over that damaged tooth and you will not be able to even tell that it is not your natural tooth. It will be totally functional, have great strength and look aesthetically very pleasing. Some of the reasons that result in a dental crown look like this:

  • Following a root canal treatment
  • If you have a broken cusp of a tooth
  • A cavity that is too large for a filling to adequately fill it
  • If a tooth is significantly worn down, weakened, or cracked
  • A dental crown is necessary for a traditional bridge
  • A dental crown is placed on the abutment post of a dental implant
  • If you simply do not like how a tooth looks in your smile

The first step in addressing your potential dental crown is to call Dr. Dolgov at 815-939-2520. He and his staff at Bourbonnias Family Dental will evaluate your personal situation and discuss how a dental crown can work for you. Feel free to stop by our office at 498 Brown Blvd., Bourbonnias, IL 60914, if you would like to meet any of the staff before you schedule an evaluation.

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The Different Materials available for a Dental Crown

Based on both cost and the position of the tooth in your mouth, we can look at a dental crown fabricated in porcelain, porcelain fused with a metal alloy, metal alloy alone, ceramic and a composite resin. They will vary in strength and life expectancy as well.

The Dental Crown Procedure

After evaluating the tooth and discussing the alternatives together, we will first take an x-ray to confirm the health of the tooth below the gum line. When the tooth is confirmed as being stable, we will next make an impression of the tooth so the dental lab has a map of the size and the shape. We will next choose a shade of white together to match your natural teeth. Then we will proceed to remove a layer of the enamel, fit you with a temporary crown as we wait a few weeks for the lab to fabricate your new crown. At the second appointment we remove the temporary crown, place the new one, approve it together, and then we permanently cement it into place. Just like that you have a perfect smile again and the damaged tooth is out of harms way. The dental crown can have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years depending on your life style.

Extending the Life Expectancy of Your Dental Crown by developing Good Oral Hygiene Habits

It is possible that directly after your new dental crown is placed you might experience some tooth sensitivity. Otherwise, look in the mirror and admire your dental crown. You might want to consider monitoring food and drink that stain as well as watching chewing and biting hard food and candy until you understand how strong the new dental crown will be. Then we will discuss how to keep it looking natural and new.

Once specific care of the crown is thoroughly addressed, we will go into the balance of your natural teeth. We will share with you that the dental industry strongly suggests that we all brush our teeth twice a day, for two minutes at each time. Then flossing at least once a day is the basis for a good oral hygiene practice at home. This will remove the bacteria carrying plaque daily not allowing it to form on the teeth. We will also encourage you to establish appointments every six months for evaluations, x-rays and professional teeth cleaning. Prevention is the ticket in the dental business. We like to see patients with healthy teeth and gums. We are also proponents of helping you keep your natural teeth for your lifetime. Remember, your smile is priceless. If you follow these guidelines and continue with good at home, oral hygiene habits not only will your natural teeth look and last longer, but your dental crown will as well. You can extend the life expectancy of both if you take proper care of them.

The Costs Involved with Your Dental Crown and the Insurance Coverage Available

The costs that will be associated with your dental crown will be discussed at the time of your evaluation and consultation. There might be a few factors that might make the pricing more complex. The material chosen, the dental lab and the tooth in question will play a role. The administrative staff at Bourbonnias Family Dental will inquire with your dental insurance carrier to determine the amount of coverage for the procedure. If there will be a balance due a payment plan can and will be discussed if that is your wish. We also accept all major credit cards. We may also revisit our options if your budget is a determining factor in receiving a dental crown.

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Scheduling an Evaluation today

Making that phone call today to schedule your evaluation and consultation is the next step. If you are unhappy with your smile lets address the possibility of a dental crown together to get your natural smile back and your quality of life that comes with it. We can restore functionality, improve the aesthetics of your smile and bring back your self-confidence. Call 815-939-2520 now or visit our office at 498 Brown Blvd., Bourbonnias, IL 60914. The staff at Bourbonnias Family Dental all are terrific listeners and love to please our patients. You’ll be comfortable in our engaging environment. We are all dedicated to ensuring that you totally understand our plan that we have formulated together and that you will be confident that you will be receiving the highest quality specialized dental care to meet your individual needs. Our gratification is your healthy teeth and your healthy smile.

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