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Each of us has millions of bacteria in our mouth every single day, 100 to 200 varieties at a time. A lot of it ends up in a sticky substance called plaque that immediately wants to adhere to the teeth. We brush daily to remove that plaque. If you do not keep up with the plaque it will build up and the acid in the bacteria will attack the enamel of the tooth. Inevitably this can and will cause a damaging cavity. This is why the dental industry preaches prevention.

Cavities can also be the result of a poor diet, poor lifestyle choices, drug use, medications and even medical conditions. When the cavity is discovered the infection is removed and a dental filling is placed in that cavity to protect the living, sensitive tissue beneath the enamel.

The first step in addressing your potential dental fillings is to call Dr. Dolgov at 815-939-2520. He and his staff at Bourbonnias Family Dental will evaluate your personal situation and discuss how having dental fillings will help you now in keeping that tooth. Feel free to stop by our office at 498 Brown Blvd., Bourbonnias, IL 60914, if you would like to meet any of the staff before you schedule an extraction.

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The Different Materials used for a Dental Filling

Amalgam- The most common option because it is inexpensive and has a long-life expectancy. The Amalgam, or metal filling, is made from metal alloy and will appear silver in color. This material is used often on the biting surface of your molars.

Gold-Not as popular today because of the increased expense and the additional time it takes to set this filling.

Composite fillings-this plastic like composite resin can be used on any surface of the tooth and are advantageous because of their natural appearance. They are not as durable as metal and can also stain and chip.

Porcelain fillings-If cost is not an issue this is a great option. Very natural in appearance with terrific durability this material now can be placed on any surface.

The Procedure of Placing a Dental Filling

We will professionally clean your teeth first to establish a baseline. Then we will administer a local anesthetic to numb the surrounding area. The infection and decay need to be removed with a high-speed dental drill. Since there so many Americans today walking the streets with a dental filling the drill is what often brings on dental anxiety. We can introduce a sedative if this will help you with the experience. Once the cavity is clean you will confirm the filling material to be used and the cavity will be filled. Easily done in one quick visit.

Proper Care after having Dental Fillings Placed and Establishing Good Oral Hygiene Habits at Home

Most likely you will leave the office and the tooth that has been filled will still be numb. Once the sensation returns there is no specific immediate aftercare for your new dental filling. Treat it like the balance of your teeth and gums. Upon every scheduled evaluation we will examine the filling and make sure it hasn’t cracked or is showing any signs of wearing or abuse.

Once any specific care of your dental filling is thoroughly addressed, we will go into how to keep your mouth healthy. Prevention, prevention, prevention. That is the win-win scenario. We will share with you that the dental industry strongly suggests that we all brush our teeth twice a day, for two minutes at each time. Then flossing at least once a day is the basis for a good oral hygiene practice at home. This will remove the bacteria carrying plaque daily not allowing it to form on the teeth. The plaque is the culprit behind cavities and gum disease. We will also encourage you to establish appointments every six months for evaluations, x-rays and to continue with the professional teeth cleaning. Prevention is the ticket in the dental business. We like to see patients with healthy teeth and gums. We are also promoters of helping you keep the balance of your natural teeth for your lifetime. By working together, we can extend the life of your natural teeth and keep them looking good for years. Remember, your smile is priceless.

The Costs associated with Dental Fillings and the Insurance Coverage Available

The costs that will be associated with your dental filling will be discussed at the time of your evaluation and consultation. There might be just a few factors that might make the pricing vary. The condition of the tooth, the material you chose to use for the filling and the location of the tooth in your mouth will affect the pricing. The administrative staff at Bourbonnias Family Dental will inquire with your dental insurance carrier to determine the amount of coverage for the procedure. If there will be a balance due a payment plan can and will be discussed if that is your wish. We also accept all major credit cards. We may also revisit our options if the budget is a driving factor in carrying out our plan.

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Scheduling an Appointment and an Evaluation today

Making that phone call today to schedule your evaluation and consultation to address your cavity is the next step. If you are experiencing any discomfort lets address that tooth first, then we can continue with a plan to possibly improve your smile. We can restore functionality, improve the aesthetics of your smile and bring back your self-confidence. Call 815-939-2520 now or visit our office at 498 Brown Blvd., Bourbonnias, IL 60914. The staff at Bourbonnias Family Dental all are terrific listeners and love to please our patients. You’ll be comfortable in our engaging environment. We are all dedicated to ensuring that you totally understand our plan that we have formulated together and that you will be confident that you will be receiving the highest quality specialized dental care to meet your individual needs. Our gratification is seeing you comfortable, healthy and smiling.

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