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Holistic Dentistry

The Holistic Dental Association was formed in 1978 with an overall goal of educating and supporting an educational approach to holistic dentistry. That means understanding that many parts make up the whole. Your oral health care is one element of the total infrastructure of your body. Holistic dentistry looks at the role of your oral health in conjunction with your overall health. It looks at the big picture. When it comes to your body it looks at your whole body which includes your mental health, your physical and emotional health as well as your social well-being. They all contribute to the whole body.

You certainly have heard of alternative medical treatments like acupuncture and herbal treatments. Some dentists in bourbonnais illinois have been trained in holistic dentistry and may offer unconventional methods for a treatment of an oral ailment.

Some Examples of Common Holistic Dentistry

The biggest example of holistic dentistry is the use of mercury. The most common filling material still used today is a heavy metal called amalgam. This metal can contain over 50% mercury and in theory can damage the central nervous system and immune systems. Most Americans asked had absolutely no idea there was mercury in their fillings. The ADA, American Dental Association, claims no risk, but you may be of the opinion then why risk it at all.

A holistic dentist will not use fluoride but instead will chose to use herbal methods. The holistic practice will also frown on the root canal procedure, claiming there is more harm done to the body’s infrastructure.

The Environmental Results

Basic dental waste can have negative effects on our water source and threaten wildlife and their natural food chain. This is a current issue with the fishing industry and the mercury levels found in fish. They are also very sensitive to the disposal of cotton swabs and gauze preferring to incinerate these versus throwing in the trash.

That Big Picture Approach

Most of us don’t realize that everything we need to ingest to sustain life enters through the portal of the mouth. Everything we eat and drink to deliver necessary nutrition starts with our mouths. A holistic dentist may review your nutrition habits and make suggestions with programs that will improve your habits, again, with the whole body in mind. They might make suggestions based on the basic foundational principles of prevention and the reversal of degenerative dental diseases. They can teach you to avoid toxins and to address prevention of gum disease.

Good Oral Hygiene and Common Sense

It is good to step back, stop and appreciate the contribution your oral health care plays in the overall health of your body. The dental industry strongly suggests you brush twice a day and to floss once a day. These suggestions are of a preventative nature. They also encourage you to establish a routine of seeing your dentist twice a year for regular examinations. They will build a history of your oral health and make suggestions with prevention in mind. It is still wise for you to be versed on holistic dentistry and know that you always have alternatives.

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