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When you first contact our office, we determine whether you have a major dental emergency that needs to be taken care of before scheduling you for an appointment. Dr. Dolgov examines the troubled tooth and provides a specific treatment to relieve any pain. Dental emergencies occur frequently, and if not treated quickly can impact the health of your smile. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact our practice today at (815) 939-2520.

For new patients not experiencing an emergency are seen for a cleaning with our gentle hygienists. If needed, we take digital X-rays which utilize less radiation than traditional imaging systems. With these detailed photos of teeth and gums, Dr. Dolgov begins a head-to-neck examination. With his years of experience, use of aesthetic materials, and the latest dental technology, we recommend effective treatment solutions to restore the health of your smile, decrease your risks, and give you a long-term prognosis.

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