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We have been professionally taught and trained to do everything we can to save a natural tooth. At times though it is simply not possible and it is in your best interests from your health standpoint to have that tooth extracted.

Common Reasons that may require a Tooth Extraction

  • Wisdom Teeth- In a perfect world the four back molars would erupt between the ages of 17 to 21. What happens often is there simply isn’t room in the mouth to accommodate them, or they come in crooked or even crowd the balance of the teeth. The Wisdom tooth is becoming an evolutionary anomaly. Today 35% of the population is born without them and over five million American have their wisdom teeth extracted.
  • Infection- Every tooth is a living extension of our bodies. Each tooth has at its center soft tissue full of nerves and blood vessels called pulp. When the tooth gets infected, we will first attempt a root canal to save the natural tooth but at times extraction may be the only resolution.
  • Decay and Trauma- An accident of any variety can cause trauma to a tooth. A crack, a chipped or broken tooth must be addressed immediately to deter infection and decay. If this is not done in a timely fashion it may necessitate a tooth extraction to alleviate pain and continued damage to the jawbone.
  • Gum Disease- a silent, painless infection that can render serious damage. If left unattended the gum disease can disrupt all of the connective ligaments and tissues supporting a tooth with the only recourse to extract the tooth.

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The Tooth Extraction Procedure

A simple procedure begins with the administration of a local anesthetic to numb the surrounding area. At that point a tool called an elevator is used to loosen and extract the tooth. The empty socket will initially bleed but pressure on a gauze pad will soon create a blood clot.

In the event of an impacted tooth, such as a wisdom tooth that has not erupted through the surface, the tooth extraction takes on a surgical approach. In addition to the local anesthetic we will add a form of sedation to keep you calm. The gums are surgically cut, the tooth is again extracted, and then the soft tissue will be closed with sutures. Pressure will stop the bleeding in a brief period.

The Costs associated with Tooth Extraction and the Insurance Coverage Available

The costs that will be associated with your tooth extraction will be discussed at the time of your evaluation and consultation. There might be just a few factors that might make the pricing vary. Your age, the condition of the tooth and the location in your mouth will affect the pricing. The administrative staff at Bourbonnias Family Dental will inquire with your dental insurance carrier to determine the amount of coverage for the procedure. If there will be a balance due a payment plan can and will be discussed if that is your wish. We also accept all major credit cards. We may also revisit our options if the budget is a driving factor in carrying out our plan.

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Proper Care after having a Tooth Extracted and Establishing Good Oral Hygiene Habits at Home

It is possible that directly after a tooth extraction you might experience some discomfort. The most important piece of advice will be to focus on the blood clot. We want that clot to heal. You will be advised to eat soft food, not to chew on the extraction site and to include rinsing after meals. You will heal in seven to 10 days.

Once specific care of your extraction site is thoroughly addressed, we will go into how to keep your mouth healthy. We will share with you that the dental industry strongly suggests that we all brush our teeth twice a day, for two minutes at each time. Then flossing at least once a day is the basis for a good oral hygiene practice at home. This will remove the bacteria carrying plaque daily not allowing it to form on the teeth. The plaque is the culprit behind cavities and gum disease. If you like our service and want us on your dental health team we will also encourage you to establish appointments every six months for evaluations, x-rays and professional teeth cleaning. Prevention is the ticket in the dental business. We like to see patients with healthy teeth and gums. We are also advocates of helping you keep the balance of your natural teeth for your lifetime. By working together, we can extend the life of your natural teeth and keep them looking good for years. Remember, your smile is priceless. If you follow these guidelines and continue with good habits, you will keep your natural teeth looking better and lasting longer.

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Scheduling an Evaluation Appointment today

Making that phone call today to schedule your evaluation, consultation and possible extraction is the next step. If you are experiencing any discomfort lets address that tooth first, then we can continue with a restoration plan to possibly to improve your smile. We can restore functionality, improve the aesthetics of your smile and bring back your self-confidence. Call 815-939-2520 now or visit our office at 498 Brown Blvd., Bourbonnias, IL 60914. The staff at Bourbonnias Family Dental all are terrific listeners and love to please our patients. You’ll be comfortable in our engaging environment. We are all dedicated to ensuring that you totally understand our plan that we have formulated together and that you will be confident that you will be receiving the highest quality specialized dental care to meet your individual needs. Our gratification is seeing your smile transform.

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